The Worlds Most Expensive Mirrors

Mirrors can be found everywhere. In fact they’re almost impossible to avoid. Whether you walk into a bathroom, dressing room, bedroom, sit in an automobile, or even work in a cubicle you’re going to see a mirror. While the vast majority of mirrors are merely for vanity purposes, there are those that exist solely to decorate and impress. Some of these mirrors are among the world’s most expensive and collectors world wide seek them out with great fervor.

The Lalique Oceania Mirror

The Lalique Oceania Mirror carries a price tag of $27,000.00 and while it isn’t a rare mirror by any stretch of the imagination it is one of the more popular luxury mirrors. Those whom buy one of these mirrors does so with intent to decorate and add a bragging piece to their home. While the price of this mirror may seem unwarranted to some, both the quality of glass and it’s construction are second to none. Moreover these mirrors are hand crafted by the glass/mirror industry’s most talented professionals. Although the design of the Lalique Oceania Mirror is simple it’s elegant and stunning nonetheless.

Quality Glass

As mentioned previously, the glass used in the construction of this mirror is of the highest quality. It is crafted with not just luster in mind but durability and longevity as well. The glass is also designed to be scratch resistant and is specially treated to remain resilient against water and calcium as well. When you pay $27,000 for something you should expect the finest quality craftsmanship. You’ll receive that in the Lalique Oceania Mirror.

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