Dressing Up Your Windows

window expertsNearly every homeowner wants their windows to be clean. For some homeowners clean windows are a routine part of their house cleaning process. Such individuals rarely stop at cleaning their windows or having a professional clean them and often to go great lengths to dress them up as well. These homeowners will utilize various types of drapes, valances, blinds, and even tint to make their windows stand out. Window decor doesn’t stop there however as there are now window decals and tints that can be used to create specific moods within a home or add some atmosphere to an entire home.

Lighting And Weather

Window decals and tints have been used for decades but until recently they have been rather basic and weren’t really used to decorate windows outside of holidays. The decals and tints manufactured today create lifelike illusions that change the dynamic of a home, inside and out. Homeowners can choose from decals that mimic rain, snow, sun, sand, and even day and night. There are a variety of tints that mimic these same elements though these can also be used for privacy and to grain greater control over a homes internal climate. Homeowners can now enjoy any season or time of day they wish year round with tints and decals.

 Privacy And Security

While the vast majority of homeowners are going to use the aforementioned tints and decals for aesthetic purposes there are a few whom will also use these for added privacy and security. In many instances these decals and tints are difficult if not impossible to see through from the outside. With these applied to a home’s windows passerby’s and anyone lacking ethics/morals won’t be able to scout a home. The privacy and security modern tints and decals add to a home can make dwellings and their owners more comfortable.

Orange County Window Cleaning by Stanley Window Care


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