Rain Gutters And Pests

Rain gutter Experts

Rain Gutter Experts

Rain gutters protect homes from water buildup by directing excess water to storm drains and other safe places. Rain gutters often go unnoticed at a home; that is until pests take up residence in them. Once these pests begin setting up shop in a home’s rain gutters it’s only a matter of time before they start vacationing inside of a home. There are a myriad of different pests that might nest inside of dry or neglected rain gutters. As removing them or eliminating them from rain gutters is difficult it’s best to take steps that keep them from ever nesting.

Types Of Pests

The type of pests that shelter in rain gutters varies from climate to climate and from home to home. Furthermore homes in extreme climates may have fewer pests to worry about. Generally speaking however homeowners may find any or all of the following in their gutters.

  • Mosquito’s – Mosquito’s love the water and lay their eggs in still water pools. Mosquito’s will often happen upon gutters that no longer drain properly or are clogged with debris. Mosquito larvae will have a field day in these types of gutters and once they mature homeowners will be inundated with these pests.
  • Squirrels – Sure, everyone seems to stop and watch these creatures but when they take up residence they cease being cute. Squirrels can cause all types of damage. Those that build nests in rain gutters may also chew through walls, destroy electrical wiring, and if they are reproducing the mess can extend to areas outside of their nests. The habits of squirrels may also attract additional pests.
  • Cockroaches – The king of pests and the arch enemy of homeowners everywhere, the cockroach loves rain gutters full of decaying leaves, trash, branches, etc. Once roaches move in they are nearly impossible to stop too. With a fast reproductive cycle and with the endless food supply neglected rain gutters often provide, roaches will multiply and quickly find their way into homes shortly after establishing themselves.
  • Scorpions, Spiders, and Ants – Yes you read that correctly. The debris. decay, and water found in neglected or damaged rain gutters can be mighty inviting to all sorts of arachnids. A variety of spiders and their cousins, the scorpions, not only find plenty to drink in rain gutters but will find a variable cornucopia of smaller pests on which to feast. Roaches that make their way from rain gutters to the inside of a home may be unsanitary but they’re far less dangerous than spiders and scorpions.

Pest Removal/Prevention

Rain gutters so very often do what they’re supposed to do that homeowners don’t give them much thought. It’s only when they begin to malfunction or a homeowner notices an influx of pests in or around their home that they take notice of their gutters. While it is indeed possible to address pests in rain gutters with pest control being proactive is the best method for keeping pests out of rain gutters. Homeowners with a desire to be proactive can hire professionals to clean and repair their rain gutters twice annually. Taking this type of action is always more effective than trying to eliminate pests once they’ve moved in.

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