Your Garage Door and Hacking – Should You be Worried?

Garage Door SecurityAs more and more of daily life is connected to the web things like garage doors are getting new life. If you have a “smart home” for instance you may have a door that is controlled with the touch of a button. Internet connectivity for doors is interesting as it can make life a bit easier. However having a computer on board something as simple as a garage door could cause a variety of problems right? From a technical stand point perhaps but hacking? Could a garage door get hacked and overtaken by rogue individuals? The answer may actually shock you.

The Easiest Answer

The easiest way to answer the question of whether or not a garage door can be hacked is simply, yes. Absolutely your door could get hacked and someone can take control of it. If it is on the grid or connected to the internet then yes it is possible. However that is not something that couldn’t be done with other options. The only door that could not be hacked at all are manual garage doors. However debris, a broken rod, or a coil loose could end up causing havoc here so it can still get tampered with in theory.

Nothing New

It’s important to understand that the question and answer is nothing new. You may think that this is a new phenomenon that is tied directly to the world of internet connections but it’s not. While the notion of the “internet of things” is taking on new life, it should be noted that this is not something that is a part of that world. Instead this is much simpler. Even though the technology isn’t new and hacking isn’t something that should alarm you outright it’s still a viable issue that should not be ignored completely.

The Good News You Need To Know

Now that you’re done panicking perhaps it’s best to know that garage doors are secure. A lot of garage door openers are protected through various means. Manufacturers have anticipated the notion that the doors could get hacked and have fixed the technology so that would be hackers can’t just reprogram things. In some instances there are several codes that need cracking and the software used is far more sophisticated than ever before. If one is really determined, yes they can get access. But honestly the manufacturers have made it so complex that most will move on to greener and easier pastures.
No need to worry. The likelihood that you would get targeted is not likely. If you’re not sure if your door has the latest encryption and protection call the manufacturer. They can tell you about security measures and more. But it’s more likely that no one is targeting your specific door and you’re in the clear.

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