Getting Rid of Hard Water Stains – A How To Guide

Hard Water StainsNo matter how meticulous you are with cleaning you’re going to run into issues here and there. One of the most common problems are found in the bathroom. Your fixtures are going to need more than just a quick rub down with some soap and water. The main reason is simple; millions of homes today have something that is called “hard water”. This causes minerals to build up on the fixtures and could end up staining things. That stunning sink fixture you may have purchased or had when you bought your home can look dull over time. To change it up you’re going to need to learn how to get rid of hard water stains and get that luster back. There is a way to do so easily and it starts with the following steps.

DIY or Rust Remover

There are two methods to cleaning fixtures. The first is simple enough find rust remover in your local hardware store. This can easily help you out and it comes in a spray form. Putting on some gloves, spraying this on, and then wiping it clean seems simple enough, and well, it definitely helps out. If you’re not keen on hard chemicals that’s ok. You can mix vinegar and water to create a nice little spray that will help you in the same way.


If the spray and wipe method doesn’t work fast don’t panic. You may need to brush some of the minerals and stains away with a brush. You can do so with a toilet brush cleaner (for toilets, and other drains) or you could get a tooth brush and polish up fixtures. Either way you’ll find that scrubbing in line with the rest remover (or DIY method) will in fact clean things up for the better.

Repeat Until Clean

This may seem like a redundant step but it’s true. If at first you don’t see your glass clearing then it’s time to go for another round. Sometimes hard water can stain and leave a mess that will take multiple days to clean up. Since that’s the case with many fixtures it’s time to repeat things until you see clearance and clarity.

Changing Up The Water

For prevention you are going to need to get a water softener. Hard water can cause havoc on plumbing, stain fixtures, and even cause skin irritation. To offset that you could get a water softener and clear things up. Otherwise you’re going to end up having to clean with the aforementioned method quite a bit.

Hard Water Stain Removal by Stanley Window Care


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