4 Excellent Tips For Hanging Curtains

Drapery ExpertsWindow treatments don’t have to be boring. They can be exciting and run through a wide variety of solutions. Whether you have a large set of windows or you have something small and modest you’re going to find that there’s an incredible array of solutions that you’re going to want to explore on a deeper level. When you find that perfect treatment however you’re going to run into an issue that everyone has to deal with on a regular basis, how to hang them. Hanging curtains can seem simple enough but in the case of “custom treatments” and much more you’re going to find yourself at a crossroads. Consider a few tips for hanging these and allowing for some peace of mind.

Going High

In regards to design flow consider hanging things up a bit higher than you normally would. This can give you a little more clearance and end up allowing for a valance to accent the curtains. Installing a good rod is important but you’ll want to make sure that the crossbeam doesn’t interfere with the visual elements that you have in place.

Shade Elements

Add a shade element to curtains and it will give the window a very interesting effect. Simply put, install a curtain rod at a higher point, and then add a shade to it that goes behind the curtains. This will give the illusion that your window is much taller than it is and it will hide the bare wall that may be under the rod. This can help with visual design flow and so much more.

Longer Extensions

Curtain rods can be extended to a longer length. This can give the illusion that your windows are much wider, and will definitely play with the design accents of your home. This simple touch could allow for a wider solution, fabric choices, and window treatments that would sit outside of the frame. Unless you’re getting blinds you will find that this is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your windows.

Don’t Go Too Long

One of the most important tips for hanging curtains is in regards to cleaning. You don’t want to hang the curtains too low. The reason being is simple…you will need to clean underneath them. If your window treatments are hitting the ground you’re going to end up having issues hoisting them up to clean beneath them. Furthermore dust can settle in place causing a great deal of issue as well.

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