Controlling The Sun With Low-e Windows

When you purchase a home, one of the selling points that the realtor will talk about is the natural light. Natural lighting is a great thing especially when you have a large room you want to illuminate. When you have a large set of windows and the daytime comes through with amazing light you’re going to want to take advantage of this natural light. You can have a lot of benefits from this not just as a selling point. The one downside is that you won’t have much control. Installing panes that can give you that control is key as you can maximize things with a few creative options including what is known as low-e windows.

Understanding Low-e Windows

When looking at window options, the low-e styles are definitely interesting. They are a high tech solution that can and should be utilized. When you look at this option you’re going to find that there are small layers and metal pieces that coat the window piece. This allows you to take in the light and heat but not the UV rays. That’s right it helps protect you from getting hit with the spectrum of light that could cause you to burn.

The soft coating is not going to be wired. It’s not like a wire that you would put between two panes. The layers are microscopic. These coats are strong and can stand against Mother Nature’s wind, rain, and more. It will give you a great deal of options.

Heating When You Need It

Low-e windows started coming through in the 1980s but today there are a lot of upgrade options. It was created to help with colder areas of the United States. They are designed to let in light but also keep the heat. It works by bouncing off heat in a very specific manner allowing your heating bill to get a little bit of relief.

Summer Temperatures

The notion of heating when it’s cold is a good idea. But what about when the summer months hit? That’s when you are going to find that this bounces into another arena. Low-e glass has a variety of glazes that you can have to actually bounce heat away from the home. This is for homes that aren’t in extreme cold weather areas. That means that your AC won’t run very often.

Is It Worthwhile?

Homeowners that really want to have better windows especially for larger ones will want to look at this. It’s cost effective, and will help you get efficient heating, cooling, and lighting. However, you have to consider your climate, the extremes that occur and whether or not you’re going to be able to use these to your advantage. Find a good professional to help you get the right option for your home. It can easily get a bit confusing.

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