Interesting Facts About Locksmiths #1

Locksmithing is not a new thing and as you start to look at the trade you will see that there is a long and storied history.  Although some may view it as such there’s far more to locksmithing than just picking locks  Locksmiths also open and repair broken locks, make keys, install security systems, and much more. Here are six interesting locksmith facts.

Apprenticeship Alive And Well

First and foremost many people that go into this trade first go through an apprenticeship. While this is the most common path one takes in the industry some may never attend school and instead remain with a locksmith throughout their journeyman phase as well. Although not recommended this path can teach aspiring locksmiths things that no classroom ever could. It also gives advanced apprentices and journeymen an opportunity to hone their skills in the field rather than on paper.

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