The Cost of Solar – Figuring Out The Elements

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Going solar is on the mind of millions of people. The notion that you can harness the power of the sun’s rays is a magnificent thing. When done right it can power your whole house and create substantial benefits in the form of rebates and incentives from the government. If you have ever thought about going this route but weren’t sure how to pursue it it’s imperative to consider the costs. There are several things to keep in mind here as there is not a “one size fits all” solution found within the world of solar power.

The Type of Panel Matters

First and foremost you will need to work with one of one of the 3 major solar panels that are available today. Right now there are high cost solutions that can pull a great deal of energy and then there are lower cost options that are nearly just as effective. If you go with a more inexpensive option you may not eliminate your electric bills but will still dramatically reduce them. This is because some panels are made using monocrystalline while others are made from polycrystalline elements. A panel’s efficacy is determined by how panels are grafted together and what the layers of the paneling are made out.

The Mounting Element

As is the case with different types of panels there are several mounting options that you’ll have to consider as well. Just like panels, the most efficient mounting systems are also the most expensive. Tracking solar panels are best here, but you can get stationary or adjustable options as well. Tracking solutions are the best here, but they are going to cost a great deal, as they follow the arch and overall movement of the sun to create the most energy possible.

Reducing Overall Costs

It’s easy to get caught up in the fiances of solar panels and installation. While it may seem that the entry price is extremely high, it’s imperative to understand that you can save money both in the short and long term when you utilize solar power. Finally be sure to check with your local state government as you may be able to reduce the costs by way of rebates, credits, and financial aid.

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