Energy Efficiency With Blinds

There are a lot of ways that you can be more energy efficient within your home. There are many things you can do within your home to not only help the environment but save a few dollars too. A homes windows for example can both heat and cool a house which can be good and/or bad. While some shades may give homeowners more control over their internal home environment, blinds to a much better job at managing and dispersing heat and cold. Blinds can benefit your home in a variety of ways, and before you decide on which type to purchase, you’ll want to consider the interior and exterior benefits that come along with the type/brand you’re interested in.

Interior Blinds Solutions

Interior blinds are the most common type of window blind used by homeowners. They can be found in the majority of homes and apartments. Blinds are extremely effective at blocking sunlight out and keeping a home cool. They’ll also give you a great deal of control over the lighting in any room, allowing you to create very specific moods and atmospheres. However, they’re not always great at blocking out heat which is one down side to consider. Diffusing light what blinds do best which makes them a great option for windows that need some attention.

Exterior Blind Options

Exterior window blinds are often a bit more complex than their interior brethren, which is why few people think of utilizing them. These are heavy duty and usually made of raw materials like wood or steel. They are mounted directly within the confines of the window frame as well. Homeowners will also have the ability to choose exterior blinds that come with smart controls which give them the ability to raise and lower blinds whenever they need to. Many of these motorized window blinds can now be controlled via a smart phone, tablet, or PC. Exterior window blinds also provide homes with some much needed aesthetics or curb appeal.
The above two major options can help with efficiency of a home’s heating and cooling systems. If you want to deflect the sun’s rays, you can easily do so with either option. However, exterior blinds have a greater advantage as they are larger and are made of much heavier and sturdier materials. When used in conjunction with interior window blinds exterior blinds can help with not only offsetting more heat but lighting as well. If you want maximum control and better control over light and heat, you’ll need to utilize both solutions.

San Diego Blinds by Raymonde Draperies


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